About FOLK Magazine

We’re For The Culture.

We create it, champion it, curate it; and sometimes, challenge it. We unapologetically prioritise the voices and stories of the sixty-percent of our population society and mainstream media have this weird habit of ignoring. At FOLK we believe there’s still so much talent in our communities that is yet to be seen—and we’re dedicated to making sure that it’s seen/heard/watched/played. And we’re not about to stop anytime soon.

Our Folks are no different. They’re willing to question the status quo and to create their ideal future into being. Their avocado-on-toast brunches are spent collaborating and finding new ways to get more people to the table and they’re not taking no for an answer.

They’re Game-Changers || Money-Move-Makers

What type of work are we interested in?

The best way is to read the work we publish, both on our online and print platforms. We're formally agnostic and love receiving submissions that make us think creatively. You don't have to write the bravest, most-new, most never-seen-before work. We want something that excites you and would excite our FOLKs.

Our annual print publications are necessarily limited and cannot support news, current affairs or #hottakes on time sensitive events. Works that can speak generally to their context while driving a 'timeless' argument make for strong submissions. As we are a generalist publication, we like to keep the discourse on our platforms accessible and thus specialist or scholarly submissions are discouraged.  



ESSAYS: $450 | FICTION: $450 | POETRY: $200




Have any questions? Have a work that uses AR? (It happens) Just wanna chat?

Hit us up at team@folkmagazine.com.au

NOTE: Fees are in AUD. Deadlines are at AEST.

With our online publication, we’re able to publish a wide range of mediums including Visual Arts, video and literary work- this allows us to be able to showcase a wider range of artists and disciplines more frequently than our print issue. 

As far as “who can submit”, as we exist to champion Artists of Colour, they are our priority so if you identify as a Indigenous/ First Nations, Black or a Person of Colour--this is the place for you.

We offer $200 for work published on our online platforms.

Non-fiction// Essays

 If you want to submit non-fiction pieces, best to send a pitch before committing yourself to a 3000 word essay. We've got a great team of editors who can work with you on your pitch to make sure that FOLK Magazine is the right home for it**


If you're an arts writer/critic we are  A L W A Y S on the look out for insightful people (across the country) to respond to and contribute to the dialogues we have around art. Send us your pitch and contact details and we'll be in touch.

We are a small team and endeavour to respond to submissions within 3 weeks. If that time passes, feel free to send us a nudge, we don’t hate you or your work, we’re probably still working through our emails


- Copyright remains the property of the Artist.
- Preference to unpublished work.
- The Artist will be paid for work published by FOLK Magazine.

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body.

FOLK Magazine